Face Swap Photoshop Tutorial

Face Swap Photoshop Tutorial

Face swap Photoshop tutorial for you to learn how to combine 2 faces to create a unique face. For this tutorial you should pick 2 faces that are both looking at the camera in a similar angle. I went through bunch of free photos and selected the ones that I think would make a good match. You will of course get better results with premium stock photos, since they offer a wider selection of portrait photos.

Free tutorial resources
Woman 1 (4227 x 1920px)
Woman 2 (2354 x 3831px)

Open the picture of woman 1 in Photoshop and resize the photo to 2300 width.

Open the picture of woman 2 and select her eyes with the Lasso Tool and copy (CTRL + C).

Depending on your photo, you could go and select the whole face but since my 2 photos have such a skin tone difference I’ll just add the eyes and lips. Paste (CTRL + V) the eyes on the 1 photo. Lower the opacity of the eyes and resize (CTRL + T) and position them to match the original eyes.

Add a layer mask on the eyes layer, and paint on the layer mask so that the eyes blend in to her face. Use soft brush and brush around the edges. For finishing touches you can add a new layer, sample her skin tone near her eyes and paint over the edges with a soft brush and then lower the opacity of that layer.

Next lets select and copy the lips from the photo 2. For this I use Quick Selection Tool.

Resize and position the lips to fit the face. I’ll add just a hint on drop shadow to the lips. Color: #826754 with 60% opacity, Angle: 61, Distance: 6, Size: 11. You can also paint the shadow by adding a layer under the lips layers and painting in the shadow to where you see fits.

I’m going to adjust the color of the lip stick and add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and clip it to the lips layer. I’ll just bring down the saturation to around -35 to -48

Copy the background layer and select Liquify Tool (Filters -> Liquify) and shape the nose a little thinner from the top.

That was our face swap Photoshop tutorial. You can add finishing touches with adjustment layers as you see suits.

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