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We are seeking fellow designers and bloggers who would be interested of writing tutorials or provide an exclusive freebie download for Graphicadi. Send us your idea and become a guest writer.

Why to be a guest writer?

  • You will receive full credit for the article via the author section at the bottom of the post. You can include a short description and 2 links.
  • Your post will be promoted on our Facebook page and Twitter.
  • You will contribute to the community and help others

The submission needs to meet certain criteria:

  • Content must be unique and never published anywhere else before
  • We refuse links to sites that are very unrelated to Graphicadi’s niche. The only links accepted in the actual post are links to free resources.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

  • Photoshop tutorials
  • Exclusive freebie giveaways

If you are interested of doing a promotional or sponsored post or possibly even sponsored posts series view our Advertising options. We could for example do a tutorial using your product.

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