How to Create a Golden Badge in Photoshop

How to Create a Golden Badge in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’ll create a premium golden badge with inset text. You can download the resources needed in the tutorial below or you can use your own badge shape. This tutorial is suitable for most Photoshop versions (CS & CC) since just basic features of Photoshop is used.

Resource downloads:
Badge shapes
• Sparkle brush [option 1] [option 2 ]

Step 1 – Badge
Our document is sized 1000px x 1000px and we have given it a dark background #454137. Once you got the document set up select the badge shape of your chose  and hold shift while drawing the badge to make it even size.

Next lets add gradient to the badge. Double click the layer to add the gradient. Add the gold gradient starting by adding #ba9935 in the beginning #fbeca7 around 30% (location %) and #ba9935 in the end. You can adjust the Angle of the gradient to your liking.

From the same layer styles window we are going to add stroke around the badge. Add #866f29, 5px stroke and select position: inside.

Draw a circle inside the badge and set the fill to 0% (you can find the fill under opacity in the layers panel). Go to layer styles by double clicking the layer and add a 2px, #b0903e stroke. Then add #fae8a1, 4px drop shadow to the outline (view img for further details).

Take the 2 shapes and put them in a group.

Step 3 – Glare
To add glare draw a rectangle and rotate it to your liking. Right click the rectangle layer and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’ (make sure you have grouped the two shape layers otherwise the rectangle will become invisible).

Lower the opacity of the rectangle layer to around 35% and to improve the glare, add gradient to the rectangle but before setting the gradient lower the rectangle fill to 0%. Then make the gradient all the way white and and lower the opacity to 0% on the other end. Hit ok and adjust the angle of the gradient to your liking.

Step 4 – Sparkle
Create a new layer and select the brush tool. Use a brush of your chose to add sparkle or use the brush on the resource download. Set the brush to white and size around 400-500px.

Step 5 – Ribbon
To add the ribbon, draw a rectangle (any color), center it and add a guide in the center.

Take the pen tool and add new anchor point to the bottom center where the guide is. Drag the new point up like in the image below, switch to ‘Convert Point Tool’ and simply just click the center point you just moved and the ribbon is created.

Move the ribbon behind the badge and change the color to #952525. Press CTRL + T to rotate and adjust the ribbon. Right click the ribbon layer and select ‘Duplicate Layer’ to duplicate the ribbon and go to Edit -> Transform Part -> Flip Horizontal. Place the 2 ribbons like in the image below.

Add a 1px #541312 stroke to one of the ribbons, then add #d14b4b inner glow, set the size to 5px and choke to 29%. Once you have added the style to one ribbon hold ALT and drag the FX on the ribbon layer to the other ribbon layer to copy the style.

Step 6 – Inset Text
Select the text tool and write the text of your chose. To add inset style to the text, go to layer style by double clicking the text layer and set inner shadow to 41%, black (#000000) and distance: 3px, the rest to zero. Then set drop shadow to white (#ffffff) and distance: 2px. If you have bigger or smaller text you might need to adjust the measurements.

We have finished our badge and on top of this you could add some adjustment layers such as Curves, Levels and Hue/Saturation to enhance the badge.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Final Golden Badge

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