How to Batch Resize Images in Photoshop

How to Batch Resize Images in Photoshop

Photoshop batch tool comes handy when you need to do same edits to multiple images such as resizing, save for web, crop, watermark etc. In this tutorial I’m going to show how you can save time with the Photoshop batch tool and batch resize images.

To demonstrate the batch tool I’m going to resize my Instagram banner template previews.

Start by putting all the images you want to edit in a folder and in that folder create a folder caller ‘Resized Images’.

We are going to resize all the images in the folder from 1080 x 1080px to 400 x 400px. In order to do that we’ll first need to create an action.

Open one of the images that you’ll want to resize, then open your action panel (Window -> Actions). You can create a new group for your resize action but I’m going to put it in the default group. Click on the ‘Create New Action’ icon on the bottom of the action window. Name your action and select a set to put it in, hit record when you are ready to start recording the action.

  1. Stop recording the action
  2. Start/continue recording
  3. Run action. Choose an action and hit play to run the action. You can also run an action starting from the middle.
  4. Create a new action set (group)
  5. Create a new action. Once you create it it will start recording
  6. Delete an action, set, or command

While the action is being recorded just resize the image as you normally would. Try to avoid any extra steps because all the steps will be recorded. So go to Image -> Resize and set the desired pixel dimensions and hit ok.

Next go to File -> Save as and save the image to the ‘Resized Images’ folder you created earlier. You can leave the file name as is. Lastly close the image and right after doing that, stop recording the action.

Now your action is ready and of course you could create any kind of action and use it with the batch tool.

Next go to File -> Automate -> Batch.

Select the action set and the action that you just created. Then set the source to ‘Folder’ and choose the folder where you have your images that need to be resized. Once ready hit ok.

Batch resize images in Photoshop

Now all your images from the selected folder will be automatically opened, resized, saved and closed.

Hope that this tutorial will save you time and help you out with your projects.

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