20 Time-Saving Fashion Retouching Actions for Photoshop

20 Time-Saving Fashion Retouching Actions for Photoshop

No one likes their photos straight out of the can. Especially for fashion and bridal photography, your clients want to look their absolute best. That means glowing, blemish-free skin, colors that pop, and not a hair out of place.

Touching up portrait photography is kind of a nightmare. Even the most beautiful models need some color adjustments to make the picture sing. With that level of detail, Photoshop actions can help make your workflow quicker. With a touch of a button and some simple adjustments, porcelain-smooth skin and punchy colors will appear like magic.

Here are 20 Photoshop portrait retouching actions, that will make your life so much easier.

1.      Skin 5 Retouching Actions

Skin is a free Photoshop action set that allows you to touch up skin in a single click. This action set will heal, airbrush, and create a matte look in seconds. It also includes actions to adjust the redness, brightness, and contrast in the eyes.

Download Here—Free

2.      Photoshop Studio Pro Set 1

Adjusting the imperfections and undesirable tones in your photo is important, but a big part of photography post-production is color grading. The right colors laid over your image can take it to new heights. The Studio Pro Collection is a series of Photoshop high fashion actions that allow you to quickly find the perfect colors for your image. Whether you want a vintage effect or a cinematic glow, this action set can do it in seconds.

Download Here—$69.99

3.      Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions

Skin Retouch lets even beginners create beautiful portraits. This action creates totally customizable effects after it is played, resulting in an easy to use interface that creates perfect skin styles.

Download Here—Requires Envato Elements subscription

4.      Matte Photoshop Action Set

Photoshop Matte Actions creates a trendy, attractive matte finish. This is a set of 9 actions that allow you to easily combine looks or peek through the newly created layers to find the perfect filter for your photo.

Download Here—$6.00

5.      Professional Beauty Retouching Kit

This fashion retouching actions set gives you beautiful skin results without the Barbie doll look. Natural, blemish-free skin and bright eyes in under 10 minutes.

Download Here—$4.00

6.      Paint Ultima Photoshop Action Set

Not every photo needs to be hyper-realistic. A painted look can turn an average photo into a frameable work of art. Paint Ultima allows you to create a painted masterpiece in just a few clicks.

Download Here—$6

7.      AI Frequency Separation

A secret trick to the airbrushed look in portrait photography is to edit the picture using frequencies. This isn’t a beginner-friendly technique. Luckily, this AI Frequency Separation Photoshop Actions set makes this method quick and easy.

Download Here—Requires Envato Elements Subscription

8.      Retouching Blur Photoshop Action

To get super-smooth, poreless skin, it takes a skilled hand to handle the blurring. This action quickly creates a silky, soft, and blemish-free appearance perfect for high fashion portraits. This skin smoothing action is simple and quick but gives great results.

Download Here–$2

9.      Reddish PS Actions

Sometimes, your photos don’t need much doctoring. A healthy glow can make all the difference. Reddish is a set of portrait retouching actions that add a fresh look to your subject with a warm, cinematic filter.

Download Here–Requires Envato Elements Subscription

10. HDR Actions for Photoshop

Smooth and airbrushed has been the trend for a long time—but sometimes, it can be so striking to go in the other direction. Bring out every hair and tiny detail in your photos using these Faux HDR actions. The results are striking.

Download Here—Free

11. Filmtone

Sometimes, all your portrait needs is the proper tone and feel. This set of portrait retouching actions can create a retro or romantic feel without the hassle of airbrushing.

Download Here–$29

12. Wedcraft Photoshop Actions

This collection of 40 Photoshop actions will create beautiful, perfectly toned photos befitting special events like weddings or graduations. These actions allow easy adjustments for lighting, exposure, detail, and color styles. This collection seriously brings out the best in any photo.

Download Here–$39

13. Baby Peach

Portraits aren’t only for adults. Newborn and baby photography is a booming business. This filter easily deals with some of the common color issues found with newborns, like contrast and coloration. Add a healthy, peachy glow to any portrait with a simple click.

Download Here–Free

14. Skin Retouch Actions

We all want flawless skin in our portraits, but it’s so important to avoid that plastic look. This Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions pack utilizes 13 different actions to create an even skin tone with bright eyes and texture, all without looking over-airbrushed.

Download Here–$10

15. Kubota Artistic Tools V3 Photoshop Actions

This pack has more than 50 high fashion actions. The actions in this pack can create beautiful skin, dramatic color grades, and beautiful looks with just a few clicks. This pack is an entire fashion photography post-processing kit in one.

Download Here–$79

16. Beauty Box Photoshop Actions

This is the perfect action arsenal to have in your toolkit for fashion, portrait, or magazine photography. Beauty Box is a huge collection of color corrections, contours, airbrushing, touch-up, and make-up actions. If your duty is beauty, this is the box for you.

 Download Here—Requires Envato Elements subscription

17. 20 Premium Photoshop Actions

These portrait retouching actions go beyond the simple touch up. Your high-resolution portraits can easily be turned into works of pop art or washed in the perfect mood of color in just a few clicks. Save countless hours on post-production and experimentation for these actions.

Download Here–$9

18. Multipurpose Retouch Action

Sometimes it’s best to keep your post-production simple. This skin smoothing action improves skin condition without losing the natural look and texture of the model’s face. This set of two actions can finish common retouching actions in mere minutes.

Download Here–$4

19. High Fashion Skin Retouching Photoshop Action

In the fashion world, dull skin just won’t do. This free high fashion Photoshop action airbrushes and smooths skin with just a click. This set also includes actions to brighten the model’s eyes and mattify their skin.

Download Here–Free!

20. 20 Free Fashion Photoshop Actions

In today’s market, fashion photography is synonymous with Instagram. Get that filtered look in high resolution or just create beautiful, toned portraits with these 20 actions.

Download Here–Free

Save yourself some time and grief–give some Photoshop actions a whirl. If you’re unsure of how to use them, don’t sweat it! We’ve got just the article for you: Harness the power of Photoshop actions.

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